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Hartron Skill Centre: Empowering Careers with Placement Drives

We held a placement drive on April 27th. Many students participated in it. It was a hectic schedule for the HR department as they had to manage interviews and shortlist some students.

Mother's Day Celebration at Hartron Skill Centre in Ambala City

At our Hartron Skill Centre, we celebrated Mother’s Day in Ambala City. On that day, many students participated in Mother's Day activities. Our students immersed their hearts into the day's activities, creating unforgettable memories and basking in pure joy. Discover the magic of this special day with us!

QCI Visit at Hartron Skill Centre

QCI, also known as the Quality Council of India, plays a significant role nationally by promoting and adopting quality standards across various sectors, including education. Recently, the QCI team paid a visit to our Hartron Skill Centre. During their visit, they had the opportunity to meet with our faculties and students, and they also assessed our working environment. Overall, they had a positive experience here; they interacted with our students and seemed satisfied. It's reassuring to know that we met their standards of quality.

You have talent, we help you enhance it.

Every individual is good in at least one thing and if your talent lies in IT, then HATRON Skill Center is there to enhance your talent.  With all the necessary requisites for enhancing our skill set and abilities in IT, HARTRON is always on its toes to help its students. Being a nodal agency of Government of Haryana, Hartron is bound to provide best possible education and training to its students.